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Enhancing clinical research quality and safety through specialized nursing

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The following research studies/projects are available for you to participate in.

Information for Participation in a Training Program Evaluation Project
Through December 16

Title of Study: The Oncology Clinical Trial Nurse Complex Design and Role Comprehension Training Evaluation Project
DNP Student Investigator: Pam Herena
DNP Project Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Whitt
Email Pam Herena at to participate or for more information.

Are you an Oncology clinical research nurse in a leadership position (e.g. supervisor, manager, director, etc.)? 

You are invited to review and evaluate a training program for clinical trial nurses developed by Pam Herena (DNP student investigator) and Dr. Karen Whitt of the George Washington University School of Nursing, George Washington University (GWU). Pam Herena can be reached at telephone number 310-436-5079 and/or email Taking part in this project is entirely voluntary.

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the quality and content of a specialized oncology clinical trial nurse training program to improve role competence, cancer knowledge, and complex clinical trial design knowledge. You are being asked to volunteer for this project based on your clinical trial leadership experience and knowledge.

What are the reasons you might choose to volunteer for this project? The training program that will be evaluated will be provided online. At your convenience you may refresh or potentially increase your knowledge of the conduct of complex oncology clinical trials as you review the quality and content of the program.

What are the reasons you might not choose to volunteer for this project?
It does require some attention and time commitment to review the education sessions and complete the survey.

If you choose to take part in this project, you will review the virtual PowerPoint learning modules and then complete the evaluation survey. The total amount of time you will spend in connection with this project is approximately 1-2 hours to review the training modules and complete the survey. You may refuse to answer any of the questions, and you may stop your participation in this project at any time. 

Possible risks or discomforts you could experience during this project include: The risks for participating in this project are minimal and no more than encountered in daily life. The main risk would be confidentiality of your answers on the surveys. All survey answers will only be accessible to the investigator, Pam Herena, and individual names and answers will be kept confidential. Results from the survey will only be reported in aggregated, anonymous form.

You will not benefit directly from your participation in the project. The benefits to science and humankind that might result from this project are: It may further support the need to create a specialized training for oncology clinical trial nurse and reviewing the training may improve your research knowledge and or your understanding of the oncology clinical trial nurse role.

Every effort will be made to keep your information confidential, however, this cannot be guaranteed. You will be asked to include an anonymous name/number on the survey, but only the investigator, Pam Herena, and you will have access to this information. If results of this research study are reported in journals or at scientific meetings, the people who participated in this project will not be named or identified.

To ensure anonymity your signature is not required. Your willingness to participate in this project is implied if you proceed with reviewing the training program and evaluation survey. 

*Please keep a copy of this document in case you want to read it again.

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