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 Chapter Governance Committee

The purpose of the Chapter Governance Committee is to interact with and support groups seeking chapter status and to provide guidance during the development process. The Committee will provide ongoing support and guidance to established chapters. The Committee is responsible for creating a policy and process for chapter development and governance. Committee members will serve as liaisons to chapters both during start-up and be available for consultation after the chapter has been established.

OPEN POSITIONS: The Chapter Governance Committee currently has an open position for a one-year chair elect position.

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Lori Brunner
Board Liaison: LaShawna Green, BS, RN, CVRN-BC

 Conference Planning Committee

The IACRN Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing all aspects of IACRN’s conference events. The committee is accountable to the IACRN Board of Directors (BOD) and interacts with IACRN leadership, the management company, and other IACRN committees as needed to maximize clinical research nursing education, networking, and promotion of international best practices in clinical research. The CPC is guided by the Mission and Vision of IACRN.

OPEN POSITIONS: The Conference Planning Committee currently has open positions for committee member(s)

Committee Leadership:

Chairs: Noriko Fujiawa and Andrea Hale, RN, BSN, MPH

Board Liaison: LaShawna Green, BS, RN, CVRN-BC

 Education Committee

The purpose of the IACRN Education Committee is to uphold the mission and vision of our organization through the promotion of evidence based practice that drives excellence in clinical research nursing by supporting the educational needs of our IACRN membership.

OPEN POSITIONS: The Education Committee currently has open positions for committee member(s).

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Carla Croft, RN, BSN, CCRP

Board Liaison: Karyn Boyar, DNP, FNP-BC, RN

 Membership, Marketing, and Communications (MMC) Committee

The purpose of the Membership, Marketing and Communications Committee is to promote awareness of IACRN, to increase Association membership, and to disseminate the organization's initiative and innovations to the clinical research community. This committee serves the organization in marketing the benefits of membership throughout the international clinical research nursing community and managing effective communication within the membership through the IACRN web site. We would love to have anyone with experience/interest in social media on this committee.

OPEN POSITIONS: The MMC currently has open positions for committee member(s), a secretary position, and a one-year chair-elect position. 

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Marie Therese Jeffs, BSN, RN

Board Liaison: Doyle Bosque, RN, BSN

 Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and the committee's scope includes proposing nominees to the board for consideration for officers and members-at-large of the Association. 

Committee Leadership:

Lisa Marsh - Chair

Holly Bookless

Catriona Grant

Jane Govender

Fiona Maxton

Bernie Pulone

 Partnership Committee

The purpose of the Partnership Committee is to build and facilitate partnerships with organizations in the clinical research enterprise that align with the IACRN mission, vision, and ongoing strategic objectives. This committee will lead communication across all IACRN sub-committees and to the Board of Directors (BoD) as it relates to partnership activities and initiatives. The committee will evaluate incoming requests and proposals and conduct outreach campaigns to facilitate valuable partnerships with organizations and individuals in the clinical research enterprise. 

OPEN POSITIONS: The Partnership Committee currently has open positions for a co-chair, secretary, and committee member(s).

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Megan Hausler, RN, BSN, CCRP

Board Liaison: Doyle Bosque, RN, BSN

 Research Committee

The purpose of the Research Committee is to define and measure sensitive outcomes in the clinical research process and to demonstrate the impact of clinical research nursing practice. The committee will continue research to describe and validate the specialty practice of clinical research nursing. The research committee will ensure that requests for research are in alignment with the Association mission and vision.

OPEN POSITIONS: The Research Committee currently has open positions for committee member(s).

Committee Leadership:

Chair: Aris Eliades, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Bernadette ‘Candy’ Capili PhD, NP-C, FAAN
Board Liaison: Catherine Griffith, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC

 Interested in Joining a Committee?

Current IACRN members interested in joining a committee, can complete a committee interest form. Committee member responsibilities include:

  • Attending at least 80% of committee meetings, participating in meetings by reading materials, and actively participation in committee activities. When attending the annual conference, committee members will be present at in-person committee meetings.
  • Interpreting IACRN's work and values to the community, representing the organization, and acting as a spokesperson.
  • Conveying committee member's needs and the organization's values to the committee chair or board liaison and speaking out for members' interests.
  • Reading and upholding the organization's bylaws.
  • Working within the committee's charge and organizational strategic priorities to meet committee and organizational goals.
  • Staying informed about what is going on in the organization, asking questions, and requesting information.
  • Participating in and taking responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other matters. I will not stay silent if I have questions or concerns.
  • Voting in every IACRN election.
  • Working in good faith with staff and other committee members as partners towards achieving IACRN goals.
  • If I don't fulfill these commitments to the organization, it is expected that the committee chair or board president will contact me to discuss my responsibilities.

If you have any questions about IACRN committees or the responsibilities of a committee member, please contact us: iacrn@iacrn.org.

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