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Research Committee

The purpose of the Research Committee is to define and measure sensitive outcomes in the clinical research process and to demonstrate the impact of clinical research nursing practice. The committee will continue research to describe and validate the specialty practice of clinical research nursing. The research committee will ensure that requests for research are in alignment with the Association mission and vision.

Committee Goals

  • Review and validate tools used for assessing protocol intensity/workload for staffing

  • Provide education on research processes, methods

  • Assist and promote publication of research conducted by members


Chair: Aris Eliades, PhD, RN

Co-Chair: Bernadette ‘Candy’ Capili PhD, NP-C, FAAN

Board Liaison: Catherine Griffith, PhD, RN

Secretary / Facilitator: Lisa Marsh, MA, BSN, RN, CCRP

Committee Member Publications

Jones, C.T., Bailey, J., Barlow, C., Cusack, G., Fisher, C., Griffith, C., Grinke, K., Hall, K., Keller, Jester, P.M. (2018). A retrospective pilot study comparing data from monitoring reports to identify staffing influence on protocol deviation rates. International Journal of Clinical Trials, 5(1); 30-36. DOI.

Andrea Hale and team from Childrens’ Hospital Boston. “Direct care nurse's perceptions of their roles in clinical research: An integrated review of the literature. (2021). Accepted by the Journal of Nursing Scholarship for publication in 2022.

Cheryl Fisher and team: “Extending the Description of the CRN Workforce.”  (2021). Accepted by the Journal of Research in Nursing for publication in 2022.

Carolynn Jones and team: "Nurses in Clinical Trials: Perceptions of Impact on the Research Enterprise.” (2021). Accepted by the Journal of Research in Nursing for publication in 2022.

Nopporn Thang Thaeng & Team: "Gender Affirming Environments."  (2021).  Accepted by the Journal of Research in Nursing for publication in 2022.

Meeting Minutes

Section under construction:

01/15/2021; 03/19/2021; 05/21/2021;

07/16/2021; 09/17/2021; 11/19/2021;


2022 Committee Membership

Karyn Boyar

Jung-Chen Chang

Georgie Cusack

Sue Downs 

Cheryl Fisher

Joby George

Andrea Hale

Eleanor Hoverd

Wen-Yu Hu

Elizabeth Johnson

Carolynn Thomas Jones

Rosemary Keller

Hyacinth Lee

Amy Mirabella

Angela Molloy

Michelle Purdom

Pat Shannon

Brandi Showalter

Hazel A. Smith

Margaux Steinbach

Alaina Tellson

Nopporn Thang Thaeng

Dixie Thompson

Elyce Turba

Elize Pietersen

Christa Varnadoe

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