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  • 09/23/2010 2:24 PM
    Message # 423619

    I am interested in EBP for research nurses. Is there an EBP focus group in  IACRN?

  • 11/09/2010 7:50 AM
    Reply # 459415 on 423619
    Catherine Ricciardi wrote:Hi,

    I am interested in EBP for research nurses. Is there an EBP focus group in  IACRN?

    I love this concept!  I believe that the development of "standards" for CRNs and the evolving topics related to "core competencies" are beginning to principles of EBP.  More research on the role, ethical decision-making, and practice of CRNs is needed.  I've noticed increasing articles, improved writing in The Monitor and SoCRA Source and Research Practitioner- three resources that are beginning to offer peer-reviewed articles.  IACRN has a standards group.  There is another group-  Consortium of Academic Programs in Clinical Research that my institution is involved in- and I am on a committee working on Core Competencies for Clinical Research Managers- which would inform curriculum development in CRM/CRN post-BS and MS degrees in clinical research.  I'm at UAB School of Nursing and we have a post-BS Certificate and MSN for CRNs and other MS offerings for CRMs who are non-Nurses.  It is important as more academic offerings evolve that we all get on the same page, define standards and core competencies and then apply those to levels of experience (novice to expert) and levels of education (pre-BS to PhD).   This is an exciting time for CRNs- and I hope you will get involved in the process of helping to define standards and lead efforts in defining EBP!   I am attending the meeting and will be seeking the standards group- so hope to meet you there and welcome  continued discussions on this topic!  It is one of my interests as well!    Carolynn Jones, MSPH, RN   

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