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Travel CRNs

  • 01/19/2022 6:19 PM
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    Have any of your sites used Traveler Clinical Research nurses to help supplement your staffing on a Clinical Research Unit? A colleague mentioned Medix (see link below), but I'm wondering whether anyone has used them before (or another Traveler RN agency) and whether it was a good experience? 

    Thank you in advance for sharing!

    Tammy Kiger, CRU Nurse Manager, UW Hospital (Madison, WI, US)


  • 01/20/2022 4:28 PM
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    I have used Medix at a prior job about 4 years ago in Dallas to supply research RNs and coordinators to staff locally and it’s very expensive. The people they found were great and a few we wanted to offer permanent positions. I can’t guarantee the same quality at all locations but you can specify you are looking for RNs with research experience if you don’t have time to train. You are typically locked into a 1 year contract at a very high hourly rate and they tend to pay them more than what you would offer them. If that gives you an idea of how expensive they are. So we had a lot choose to stay contract.
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  • 01/20/2022 4:45 PM
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    Thank you Lisa! This additional information is very helpful and good to know you had a good experience. 

  • 02/07/2022 4:08 PM
    Reply # 12582335 on 12284699

    Hi Tammy, 

    We recently learned that Advarra is offering research nurse support to sites, https://www.advarra.com/professional-services/ You could reach out to Megan Hausler for additional information.

    From a sponsor-side, I've been attempting to incorporate more outpatient home research nurse visits into our oncology trials to reduce site burden. I've worked with Illingworth https://illingworthresearch.com/ and heard that Firma Clinical Research may also provide support.

    Good luck and let us know if you find support!

  • 03/17/2022 8:55 AM
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    We hired a med-surg RN traveler.   While they could not do 'all' things to support the study, it is working out well. 

    If interested in hearing more, feel free to reach out at downss@ohsu.edu 

    Sue Downs

    OHSU Portland Oregon 

  • 03/18/2022 9:47 AM
    Reply # 12671294 on 12284699

    That's interesting Susan that you have a dedicated traveler!  I know of a company when i worked for a CRO that had dedicated staff to travel and the training for the trials wasn't happening the same day and they guaranteed the visits even to rural areas or inner city areas. I ran into issues with the bigger companies like illingsworth and Symphony because they utilize regional home health companies they couldn't guarantee visits and required a lot of time in advance to set up appointments. If you have questions about the company we used please email me at lisaymarsh@gmail.com  I would have the sponsor cover this service :D

  • 04/22/2022 10:52 PM
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    I have used Medix before and we had a contract with them where we could hire the nurse after 6 months without fees. We gave them very specific criteria since we already learned that experienced oncology nurses for oncology trails reduced the training and nurses with stepdown or ICU experience were faster to catch on. We also met with the Medix nurse often and gave them a 3-month try as we were not locked into keeping them for any amount of time and we quickly identified nurse who wouldn't be able to succeed with the expedited training. We also requested nurses who are looking for permanent work since the goal was to hire them after the 6 months and we did end up hiring some of the Medix nurses.

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