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Position Description




Position Summary:

The Treasurer represents IACRN’s mission and vision. As such the Treasurer is expected to act with respect and moral integrity. The Treasurer integrates the principles and philosophy of professional nursing and Clinical Research Nursing (CRN), thus supporting the advancement of CRN as a specialty and all associated activities of that role.

Major Responsibilities:

    • Serve as voting member of the Board of Directors
    • Attend Board Meetings (Live, Web-Based, Phone Conferences)
    • Attend the Annual Conference
    • Participate in other teleconferences or meetings as needed to conduct IACRN business
    • Inform and uphold membership bylaws and association policies
    • Assist in financial planning for the association
    • Assist in all financial reporting
    • Participate in and oversee the preparation and management of the organization’s budget and annual conference budget
    • Monitor monthly payables and receivables for agreement with approved budget
    • Prepare and present IACRN budget at the annual general membership meeting

    Position Requirements:

    Member in good standing of IACRN. The Treasurer shall be a resident of the United States until the Association can support broader financial interests. The Board of Directors has responsibility for updating this requirement as the Association grows. This position requires experience with basic fiscal management, use of excel, and on-line banking systems. Successful clearance on a background check is required before taking office.

    Estimated time commitment:

    This position has a two-year commitment. There are 12 Board of Director meetings per year, one each month of approximately one and one-half to two hours, for which the Treasurer is expected to attend and contribute to discussions. Every third month, instead of the regular meeting, there is a two and a half hour teleconference Board of Directors meeting in its place, with the 4th being at the Annual Conference in the Fall. There are periodic ad hoc meetings or assignments that may vary in responsibility and time commitment. On the average, there is approximately 6-8 hours a month commitment.

    Version Date: 6/16/2015

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