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Invitation to visit Clinical Research Facilities in the UK & Ireland 

Deadline: 3rd March 2023

Following on from successful UK Study Visits, we are delighted to invite IACRN members to travel to the UK this summer. We hope you will take this wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, learn about the our clinical research infrastructure, and attend our engaging and interactive national UK Clinical Research Facility conference.

Read about the previous IACRN UK Study Visit here: 


  • Spend two days at a clinical research facility (4 – 5 July)
  • Travel to Nottingham, joining other IACRN visitors for an evening meal (6 July)
  • Attend the UKCRF Network Annual Conference and Gala dinner (7 – 8 July) 


  • Use opportunities for reflection during the study visit to consider your contribution to the development of international clinical research nursing
  • Improve your awareness and understanding of alternative approaches to clinical research delivery in the context of different research systems
  • Identify opportunities to share and network best practice in clinical research nursing
  • Share the findings of your study visit with international colleagues using a range of media

2019 IACRN Visitors


  • You will be hosted at a clinical research facility from across the UK and Ireland (host locations include Edinburgh, Dublin, London, Norfolk, Birmingham, Cambridge, Sheffield and Southampton, across a wide range of specialities).
  • Attend a complementary dinner with all visitors and UK clinical research leaders.
  • Attend the UKCRFN Annual Conference where we share best practice in clinical research and experimental medicine. The conference is well attended with over 400 delegates, high profile speakers, interactive workshops, and a gala dinner with entertainment, lunch will also be provided.  
  • The whole programme is designed to improve awareness and understanding of alternative approaches to clinical research delivery in the context of different research systems.
  • The study program will be free of charge to visitors. 


  • Visitors are expected to fund and make their own arrangements for travel, accommodation and some of their own meals

To ask questions or apply please use this submission form

Deadline: 3rd March 2023 

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