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Journal of Research in Nursing; Focus: Clinical Research Nurse/Midwife 

The latest focused edition of the Journal of Research in Nursing is on the work of the CRNMidwife and CRNurse has now been published. 

Visit: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/jrnb/27/1-2 for more information.

Nursing Research, Step By Step

This series coordinated by the Heilbrunn Family Center for Research Nursing at Rockefeller University is designed to give nurses the knowledge and skills they need to participate in research, step by step. Each column will present the concepts that underpin evidence-based practice - from research design to data interpretation. The articles are accompanied by a podcast offering more insight and context from the author.

Visit the American Journal of Nursing for more information.

Research Committee Member Publications

Jones, C.T., Bailey, J., Barlow, C., Cusack, G., Fisher, C., Griffith, C., Grinke, K., Hall, K., Keller, Jester, P.M. (2018). A retrospective pilot study comparing data from monitoring reports to identify staffing influence on protocol deviation rates. International Journal of Clinical Trials, 5(1); 30-36. DOI.

Andrea Hale and team from Children's Hospital Boston. “Direct care nurse's perceptions of their roles in clinical research: An integrated review of the literature. (2021). Accepted by the Journal of Nursing Scholarship for publication in 2022.

Cheryl Fisher and team: “Extending the Description of the CRN Workforce.”  (2021). Accepted by the Journal of Research in Nursing for publication in 2022.

Carolynn Jones and team: "Nurses in Clinical Trials: Perceptions of Impact on the Research Enterprise.” (2021). Accepted by the Journal of Research in Nursing for publication in 2022.

Showalter, Brandi. (2022). Moral Distress in Clinical Research NursesAccepted by Nursing Ethics for publication in 2022.  

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