Vision - Enhancing clinical research quality and safety through specialized nursing practice.

Mission - The International Association of Clinical Research Nurses is a professional nursing organization.  Its purpose is to define, validate and advance clinical research nursing as a specialty practice and to support the professional development of registered nurses who directly or indirectly impact the care of clinical research participants across all clinical specialties.

2017 IACRN Election of Officers 

Candidate Information

Position:  President-Elect
  (Running Unopposed)

Mary E. Larkin, RN, MS, CDE
Nurse Manager and Assistant Director
Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Research Center
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Mary E. Larkin RN, MS, CDE is the Nurse Manager and Assistant Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Research Center. She started out at the Center as a research nurse coordinator after having had experience as a hospital staff nurse and nurse educator. Once she discovered research nursing she knew she had found her life’s work. She was impressed and challenged by the autonomy, team dynamics, scientific process, creativity and problem solving required. Pairing this with the privilege to care for highly engaged research volunteers, the opportunities inherent in being part of a dynamic research team, the chance to mentor and teach new research nurses, the excitement of contributing to cutting edge science and seeing results translated into improving care for persons with diabetes never ceases to inspire her. To this day when she tells people about her work she can be heard saying “I have the best job in Boston!”  

As a certified diabetes educator, research nurse and nurse investigator with years of experience in the design and conduct of clinical trials, she has earned the rank of Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. She collaborates in the planning stages of studies, contributes to the scientific validity and feasibility of the research protocol and oversees all studies and staff. In this role, she ensures effective implementation of procedures, adequate training and performance by staff, and compliance with regulatory requirements. She has assumed leadership roles in nation-wide, multi-center trials chairing coordinator committees, education committees and participating in executive and publication committees. She has published as a lead author and has lead sub and ancillary studies. She has also authored results of her own research in diabetes, effective research staffing models, and more recently on the role of the research nurse and ethical challenges experienced.  

She has been a member of IACRN since inception and has been an author on posters/oral presentations at every annual meeting. She has served in leadership roles with IACRN as a Board Member at Large (2012-14), Chair of the Chapter Governance Committee (2014-16), and currently participates as a Chapter Advisor mentoring new chapters. She received the Distinguished Clinical Research Nurse Award from IACRN in 2015, truly a highlight of her career.

Locally, she has supported IACRN’s mission and vision by founding the Research Nurse Roundtable (a monthly forum for sharing best practices among research nurses at her facility), acting as the Coach of the Research and Evidence Based Practice Committee (a monthly inter-professional committee that promotes and disseminates EBP among clinicians), serving on Harvard’s Research Subject Advocacy Panel, and was founding member and first President of the Boston IACRN chapter.

She continues to be inspired by the work of IACRN and what it has already achieved. Volunteering to serve as an elected officer provides an opportunity to support an association that she feels has been visionary and innovative as the first professional association solely dedicated to advancing research nurse practice. Achieving ANA recognition was a milestone and to her a “dream come true”.  If given the opportunity, she would be honored to support the growth of the association, maintain a strong international membership and presence, promote professional development of research nurses and serve an active and engaged membership. She feels that her expertise, leadership skills and passion would be well utilized by serving as President elect of IACRN in 2018.

Position:  Treasurer
  (Running Unopposed)

Lisa A. Farinelli, MBA, RN, BSN, CCRP, OHCC
National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program
Bethesda, Maryland USA                 

Lisa Farinelli is a licensed, practicing registered nurse and senior clinical nurse manager with a Master’s in Business Administration with 30+ years of clinical, research and administrative experience working in the private and public sectors. Over her career she has been honored and recognized for her achievements in Operational Excellence and Leadership. Ms. Farinelli promotes a progressive nurse praxis with an integrated theory-research-clinical practice. Her professional efforts have consistently supported excellence in patient centered care, research integrity and compliance to institutional and federal policies. Her research interests include theories and principles of motivation and other behavioral approaches in the clinical and management field of bioethics. During her career, she has held clinical and management positions including, since 2010 to present, at the National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program.

Her leadership, experience and expertise in performing the duties described in support of IACRN’s mission serving as Treasurer are extensive and replete. In addition, her commitment to facilitate institutional as well as individual professional growth is evidenced by a successful track record of steady personal and career accomplishments conducive to this line of work.

Position:  Global Member at Large
(Running Unopposed)

Jonathan Roland, MS, BSN, RN
McKesson Canada, Inviva Clinic
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Nurse by training, my professional experience sits on many pillars. A proud, enthusiastic and dedicated member of IACRN, I strive to expand the global reach of the association through forging bridges of solid professional relationships with clinical research nurses all over the world and adamantly encouraging them to embrace the mission and vision of IACRN through chapter’s building. As co-chair of the Chapter Governance Committee (CGC), I lead by consensus to promote an engaging and inclusive participation of all my colleagues in meeting the committee’s goals and objectives. So far, the check-marks are accumulating.
Animated by the vision of IACRN, my leadership at the committee tries to instill a sense of legacy in my colleagues as I create an inviting, convivial atmosphere for productive discussions and sharing of innovative ideas. My vision as co-chair of the CGC courts a global ambition. Second to none, IACRN is the global voice of all clinical research nurses (CRN) and as such, it is imperative that we build a global network of leaders that collectively seeds its legacy as the association blossoms to a worldwide recognition. Clinical Research goes beyond local, institutional or national borders and understanding. It is a global enterprise that is expanding exponentially and I believe CRN’s knowledge and skills should parallel that trend. In such vein, IACRN should and must lead in this innovative enterprise to serve CRNs around the globe. This is part of the agenda that I intend to advocate for as a Global Member at Large if given the chance to serve on the Board of Directors.
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