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Your feedback is needed to help us determine new service offerings from our research unit

  • 20 Feb 2018 6:19 PM
    Message # 5783357

    Hi All,

    I am writing to ask for your help, please take a few minutes to tell us what has worked at your CTSA site to develop services which bring in revenue. Our goal is to gain understanding of possible future service lines we would start here at Tufts Medical Center’s Clinical Translational Research Center, with the goal of making the research center financially self-sustaining.

    Do you offer recruitment services to investigators? If you do, how do you bill for them?

    Do you offer cohort discovery services to investigators?   Cohort discovery involves finding out if your institution or community has a population of people who are potential candidates for a study, and generating a list of these contacts. If you do, how do you bill for these services?

    Do you offer project management services by RNs or coordinators? If you do, how do you bill for them?

    Do you offer compliance audit preparation (correcting deficiencies in regulatory binders/document sets)? This could be done pre monitoring visits, pre audits, or on a regularly scheduled basis. If you do, how do you bill for these services?

    Do you offer training classes and clinical practicums in specific research skills and activities for study coordinators, study investigators or research nurses? If you do, how do you bill for these services? Who covered the costs? Your institution? The investigator’s department? The investigator? The sponsor?

    If you offered training classes, what was the content covered?  How popular were your classes?

    Do you currently offer specific coordinator skills training (e.g. phlebotomy, specimen processing, vital signs, etc.)? How often are these trainings offered? Are they popular? How much do you charge per individual? Are these trainings generating revenue?

    What other billable services are you currently offering investigators?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to help us out. If you are struggling with the same issues of finding a way to increase your revenue to make your unit economically sustainable and want to hear back about what we decided to do (and not do) based on your feedback please let me know. I’m happy to start a discussion….



    Linda Godfrey-Bailey, MSN, ACNS, BC

    Clinical Research Services Manager


    Farnsworth 6-646

    Tufts Medical Center

    800 Washington Street

    Boston, MA 02111

    (P) 617-636-5973

    (F) 617-636-8397

    Pager 617-647-2512

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