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Information about the 2022 International Virtual Visits coming soon!

2021 International Virtual Visits

Dear Friends,

I am delighted we can share these videos of IACRN's International Virtual Visits. These took place in May 2021 between International Nurses Day and International Clinical Trials Day. I was so proud to attend all of them- which proved a struggle at times due to time zones. You will see my tired old face more often that I realized and I am truly very sorry for that! But even when I thought I would join to just support the start of a session, I found it impossible to leave. I thought each one was amazing and could not be improved. Surely it was "the best yet!" -and then I thought the same thing about the next one and the next! The standard of presentations, -the commitment and engagement shown by nurses around the world was a joy to behold. Having reviewed them again over the past month, I now see the full extent of this project and what was achieved in its totality. It is a remarkable accomplishment and brings together expertise and insights in our specialty practice into an extraordinary portfolio of excellence.

I laughed and cried and learned so much. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I did. I want to thank all of the leaders who planned, coordinated, and hosted each session and all their colleagues who took part in this unique, collaborative event. Thank you to Cameron Sze and Claire Whitehouse for the edits, the YouTube links, taking part and their patience with this tech challenged friend!

Thank you all so much!
Jennifer Allison, President IACRN

Click the YouTube links below to view the videos:

UK and Ireland Branch

May 19th Session 1:

May 19th Session 2:

May 19th Session 3:

May 20th Session 1:

May 20th Session 2:

May 20th Session 3:

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