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Position Description

Global Member-at-Large

Position Summary:

The Global Member-at-Large represents IACRN’s mission and vision. As such the Global Member-at-Large is expected to act with respect and moral integrity. The Global Member-at-Large integrates the principles and philosophy of professional nursing and Clinical Research Nursing (CRN), thus supporting the advancement of CRN as a specialty and all associated activities of that role.

The Global Member-at-Large position represents the global voice of the membership on the IACRN Board of Directors in conducting the business of IACRN. The person may represent a particular geographic area, professional nursing affiliation or clinical research nursing role which the board deems important to ensure full representation of its membership in making decisions. There are 3 Member-at-Large positions on the Board; 1 of these is specifically outside the USA. The Global Member-at-Large supports the duties of the President and Board of Directors by performing the major responsibilities listed below and other duties as assigned.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Serve as voting member of the Board of Directors
  • Attend Board Meetings (Live, Web-Based, Phone Conferences)
  • Attend the Annual Conference
  • Specifically address global needs of the organization
  • Participate in other teleconferences or meetings as needed to conduct IACRN business
  • Inform and uphold membership bylaws and association policies
  • Complete requests by board to edit documents, provide feedback or provide information (2 hour monthly)
  • Participate in at least one IACRN committee as a board representative (1 hour monthly)
  • Assist with raising awareness about the mission and goals of IACRN to the community
  • Complete specific tasks and assignments of the board as needed

Position Requirements:

  • Member in good standing of IACRN 
  • Resides outside the USA

Estimated time commitment:

This position has a two-year commitment. There are 12 Board of Director meetings per year, one each month of approximately one and one-half to two hours, for which the Global Member-at-Large is expected to attend and contribute to discussions. Every third month, instead of the regular meeting, there is a two and a half-hour teleconference with the committee leadership. The board typically meets in-person the day before the annual meeting for 4 or 6 hour session. There are periodic ad hoc meetings or assignments that may vary in responsibility and time commitment. On the average, there is approximately 8-10 hours a month commitment.

International Association of Clinical Research Nurses

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